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Central Park Coyote Dead

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Mar. 31st, 2006 | 10:57 pm

On Fox News, they said that the Central Park coyote had been killed during a "routine tagging accident".


He was captured 3/22 and died on 3/31. What were you guys doing with this coyote for 9 DAYS!??!!!

You had him bagged, why couldn't you take him upstate like you said you were going to do and let him go?

Why did you mess around with him until you killed him?

He made you all look incompetent. You don't look incompetent anymore.

"A coyote that roamed Central Park for several days, delighting New Yorkers and making fools out of New York cops and wildlife officials, has been caught."

"The coyote first appeared on Sunday and has been feasting on ducks and other birds ever since. Local news stations have shown comical footage of police and park rangers running Elmer Fudd-like through Central Park in hot pursuit of the animal."

"Unlike other large cities like Chicago or Los Angeles, New York doesn't have much of a coyote problem. That's because you can only get to Manhattan by bridge, tunnel, or a very expensive cab from La Guardia."

"He's a very adventurous coyote to travel to midtown Manhattan," said Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe.

"The coyote eluded Parks officials and police officers at every turn, jumping fences, swimming across ponds, and scampering around skating rinks to avoid capture. But then its luck ran out."

"It was tranquilized near the 79th Street traverse, and will be shipped to a wildlife preserve upstate."

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