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A Steyn day

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Mar. 26th, 2006 | 09:13 pm

Mark Steyn discusses the folly of inaction and how stability is overrated.

Hey. There's a lesson here that should be applied to Iran. Nah. Back to sleep, paper tiger.


"Diplomats use "stability" as a fancy term to dignify inertia and complacency as geopolitical sophistication, but the lesson of 9/11 is that "stability" is profoundly unstable. The unreal realpolitik of the previous 40 years had given the region a stability unique in the non-democratic world, and in return they exported their toxins, both as manpower (on 9/11) and as ideology. Instability was as good a strategic objective as any."


Mark Steyn: Will we stick our necks out for his faith?


"Karzai is kept alive by a bodyguard of foreigners. The fragile Afghan state is protected by American, British, Canadian, Australian, Italian and other troops, hundreds of whom have died. You cannot ask Americans or Britons to expend blood and treasure to build a society in which a man can be executed for his choice of religion. You cannot tell a Canadian soldier serving in Kandahar that he, as a Christian, must sacrifice his life to create a Muslim state in which his faith is a capital offense."


I wonder if it wasn't Karzai's bodyguard's disgust that made him start speaking out of the other side of his mouth. Possibly those infidel Christians were just a little less, um, attentive. Jus' sayin'.

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