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YAH'SHUA alert

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Mar. 22nd, 2006 | 09:50 pm

1. The True Origin of 'Allah': The Archaeological Record Speaks

Allah - The moongod of the Bible? If so, he's been around a long, long time.


"The archaeological evidence demonstrates that the dominant religion in Arabia was the cult of the moon-god. The Old Testament consistenly rebuked the worship of the moon-god (e.g. Dt.4:19; 17:3; 2 Ki.21:3,5; 23:5; Jer.8:2; 19:13; Zeph.1:5). When Israel fell into idolatry, it was usually to the cult of the moon-god. In Old Testament times, Nabonidus (555-539 BC), the last King of Babylon, built Tayma, Arabia, as a centre od moon-god worship. Segall stated: "South Arabia's stellar religion has always been dominated by the Moon-god in various variations" (Berta Segall, The Iconography of Cosmic Kingship, the Art Bulletin, vol.xxxviii, 1956, p.77). Many scholars have also noticed that the moon-god's name, Sín, is a part of such Arabic words as "Sinai", the "wilderness of Sîn", and so forth."

"When the popularity of the moon-god waned elsewhere, the Arabs remained true to their conviction that the moon-god was the greatest of all gods. While they worshipped 360 gods at the Kabah in Mecca, the moon-god was the chief deity. Mecca was in fact built as a shrine for the moon-god. This is what made it the most sacred site of Arabian paganism."


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from: anjou
date: Mar. 25th, 2006 08:26 pm (UTC)

Faith assuages fear of the unknown. People have to find reasons for things that happen in their lives. It makes them feel better. Religion will eventually be replaced by science as superstitions give way to cogent evidence.

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