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Insha Allah!

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Mar. 26th, 2006 | 08:53 pm

Britain's jihadis wanted to go the distance. They were just incompetent. It's soft target time in the UK.

"AN ISLAMIST terrorist sold poisoned burgers from a street-corner van and planned to contaminate beer at a football stadium, the Old Bailey was told yesterday."

"The alleged extremist, one of seven on trial for plotting to blow up British targets, was also said to have suggested poisoning takeaway food and sabotaging BT."

"Mr Mahmood, who worked for Transco National Grid, then allegedly gave examples of possible British targets to his accomplices. Some were intended to cause maximum financial damage by hitting utilities or telecommunication plants."

"The court was told that other suggestions included taking a job as a beer-seller at a football stadium, smuggling in poison in a syringe. Babar said Mr Mahmood claimed that he had already sold toxic burgers from a mobile van."

"Another plan was to distribute leaflets for a fictional take-away restaurant, then deliver poisoned food to houses."


Debbie Schlussel shows what the enterprising jihadi is up to in the US.

Jihadi that killed Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh's missive.

Chapel Hill's jihadi left a letter, too.

Since these incidents are not happening on a daily basis, we shouldn't be worried.


Rayra has up a letter by the departing head of the UCI MSU.

Same song, different verse.

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